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Saturday, January 24, 2009 

search for keywords

You stress keyword search for the right to blog or website and the top position in the search engine?
many ways to find these keywords, eg keywords and SEO contest - which many sought by the end of this final contest, the participants Busby SEO Test.

Learning "SEO" said the experts and consultants seo is very easy but I often confused determine the appropriate keywords and a lot of searching. If so lengthen SEO Search Engine Optimization or often heard other terms such as SERP - SEM.

You can use the tool that I think that is very simple: Google Keyword tool. For example, if we search for keywords and try to contest the Google Keyword Tool the keyword will be generated and pharse keyword is quite a lot of them:

photo contest
photography contest
baby contest
writing contests
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playwriting contest
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wet tee shirt contest
rube goldberg contest
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big buck contest
halloween contest
writers contest

or use keywords to learn SEO, many established keywords such as:

learn seo
learning seo
learn about seo
learn basic seo
learn optimization seo
learn seo free
easy way to learn seo
learn seo online
learn seo basics
learn sem
way to learn seo
learning seo basics

Don't forget to get after the keyword, you try to create an article with the use of two or three keywords above. Several days later the position of certain blog or website you are in the order of 10 to 40 in the search engine.

If you have skills in writing, to search for keywords is easy.
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