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Sunday, January 18, 2009 

Please stop the war

Please stop the war.
The beginning of 2009 has already brought some uncomfortable times. Gaza crisis has been described as a recurring Middle Eastern nightmare. The Gaza shock factor also has to do with the way the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by the conflict has become a weapon of war and a tool of diplomacy. One thing I do know for sure - those who are hurt, those who are dying, those who are crippled, and those who are terrified every moment of their lives are the young, the elderly, the lame, the mothers, grandmothers, the civilians on both sides who need and deserve peace in their little time on earth.

Only one that I know the pigeon never broken a promise.
Peace for Gaza! Stop the injustice war! HELP!!!!

Call for participants Busby SEO Test: Stop the injustice war.

Peace for the Busby SEO Test.

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