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Tuesday, December 30, 2008 

The Sun, the Moon, and Happy New Year in Jakarta

The Sun, the Moon, and Happy New Year in Jakarta.
The New Year is always an important holiday in Indonesia and other East Asian nations. people busily prepare for the New Year by cleaning house and buying/cooking food to welcome the "New Year 2009".

At this time In Jakarta, the Post Office is flooded by New Years' cards which each person sends to friends, relatives, and associates. Rail and bus terminals are jammed with people trying to get back to their home village to spend the New Year's "night" and "daybreak" with their relatives.

Ancol is Jakarta's largest and most popular recreation park. Used to be known as "Jaya Ancol Dreamland", its extensive range of attractions includes sea and fresh water aquariums, swimming pools, an artificial lagoon for fishing and boating, a bowling alley, as well as an assortment of nightclubs restaurants, and massage parlors. Ancol Beach is located in the north of Jakarta. Nearby the beach located an amusement park which you will enjoy and so your family.

Still, Jakarta as the Venice of the Java Sea has quite a ring to it. In any event flooding is a trend and emergent property which is here to stay.

Happy New year 2009, Busby SEO Test is positioning the World Championship referencing 2009.

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