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Saturday, August 13, 2011 

Welcome Nazaruddin from bogota

Bogotá Colombia is a bustling city in continuous and rapid expansion. Whatever you are looking for can be found in Bogotá, services, entertainment, nightlife and culture. Cultural activities abound and its enormous selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs offers all kinds of food and entertainment. It is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas, not only in Colombia, but also in South America.

Welcome Nazaruddin from bogota, A plane carrying Nazarudin is scheduled to land at Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport on Saturday evening. and Nazaruddin bring souvenirs from bogota a hanger handcuffs.

“Welcome Nazaruddin. Let’s finish the case” I know, Nazaruddin is “zero to hero”.
 Mr. Nazaruddin, the whistleblower in this case.

a little piece of lyrics : "Zero to Hero"
Hercie, he comes
He sees, he conquers
Honey, the crowds were
Going bonkers
He showed the moxie brains, and spunk
From zero to hero a major hunk
Zero to hero and who'da thunk